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Vortex Music & Movies

We appreciate your interest in us as a buyer of your quality vinyl, Blu-Ray, DVDs and CD box sets. When you’ve sold your collectibles to Vortex Music & Movies, we want you to take away with you the satisfaction of knowing that you got a fair deal from us. So we’ll quickly and carefully appraise your items, and then we’ll take the time to ensure you understand the thoughts that went into our offer. We’re confident that we can give you the best prices around, and that you’ll want to spread the word.

To sell your discs:

Bring in your items anytime during store hours. If your collection is particularly large or highly specialized, it would be a good idea to give us a call first to arrange an appointment. And yes, we can come to you, if that makes most sense.

Here’s what to expect:

Sometimes sellers can have mistaken expectations of what a fair price is for their discs, so we want to be up front with what your best price is likely to be. While our offers can vary based upon several factors, like condition, or marketability, or rarity, normally you can expect under $1 for discs that are more worn, or less marketable, or more common, and more for items that are in excellent marketable condition.

One of the factors that can make an item more or less marketable or rare for us in particular is its genre. We specialize in Classic Rock, and though we do stretch out from that a bit, please don’t take it personally if we choose not to buy your Lawrence Welk discs, regardless of their merits.

Please call us at 425.814.4141 with any and all questions.